2018 is My Year of “Yes” - Getting Out of My Safe Zone

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A year and a half ago I became a mother. It is the most rewarding experience of my life, but also the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I use to be selfish and do everything I wanted, whenever I wanted. When my name changed to mom, my identity did as well. For a little over a year, I completely lost myself in motherhood and didn’t know how to find myself again. Atalie felt like an abstract, I was only mom.

Mom guilt is real! I would think about planning to go somewhere by myself, or plan a date for my husband and I, but then I would think about leaving my kid with a babysitter and I would completely talk myself out of whatever my plans were. Everything I did I did for my son. I didn’t have anything that was just “mine”. And on the rare occasion I did get out of the house, I missed my son and thought about him constantly. I would check in with whoever was watching him to make sure he was OK and calm my over active mind. When I realized that I was actually doing myself and my son harm by not giving back to myself, I decided to make it the year of me! I have made it my mission to say yes more, be a little more selfish, practice self-love and self-care on a weekly basis, and think about myself when making decisions.

So far, my year of “yes” has been amazing! I have been able to take time to get my nails done on a bi-weekly basis, spend time with friends who help me find myself outside of mom, meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, and do a maternity shoot that I would have never done in a million years!

I have a photographer friend who asked me to be her model for an under water maternity shoot. This meant me being in basically a bathing suit/dress with lots of extra flowing fabric while I am 32 weeks pregnant. I would normally cringe at the thought of being photographed in a bathing suit even when I was at my fittest, let alone when I am very pregnant and feeling more like a beached whale than a bathing suit model. BUT because of my year of “yes” I did it! And it was one of the more rewarding, fun, and self-love-y things I have ever done for myself! I felt so badass doing this photo shoot. I felt sexy and empowered. It was so worth the little bit of anxiety. And now I have those photos to show my daughter when she feels down about her appearance. I can show her that mommy went outside of her comfort zone even when I wasn’t feeling my best and it ended up giving me confidence and more self-love!

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What brought on this year of “yes”? One of the best things I did for myself when I realized that I was losing who I was to this figure called mom is create my own business with a health and wellness company. Starting this business gave me purpose as well as a reason to get out of the house and do stuff I normally wouldn’t have done for myself! I started making money right away, hitting goals, getting bonuses, but best of all I was helping others with their health, finances and finding the best version of themselves! The money and self-worth felt great, but seeing how I was changing lives in the process was the icing on the cake!

Want to know more about my business and how you can get out of your “safe zone” to find your best self and help others do the same? Reach out to me today!