Ditch the MLM Stigma and Shop Small Businesses

The Network Marketing Stigma

What’s with the stigma behind network marketing? Well… many of us have been burned by network marketers who blindside us and made us feel like they have no option but to either say “yes” or make an awkward exit. Not to name companies, or people behind the company, but I have encountered a few different network marketers who are worse than slimy car salesmen who are just trying to use you to “get rich quick”. But if network marketing is so bad, why are people flocking to them in droves?

Network marketing companies that use consultants to sell their products instead of going through retail chains are popping up all over the place. In 2016, 20.5 Million people were involved in some sort of network marketing company. That’s a 1.5% increase from 2015! Statistics show that every 10 seconds, someone in America starts a home business through an MLM. That means that most of us know people, good people who are our friends and family, who are trying to start a legit business through a legit company. So instead of going along with the network marketing stigma, ditch the big box store you buy these products from and buy small, buy local, and support a friend!

The Arbonne Difference

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With all of these companies to choose from, why choose Arbonne? My number one reason is the products. Arbonne offers everything from makeup, to skincare, to nutritional products (like protein powder, vitamins and probiotics) so there is something there for everyone. Instead of buying these everyday items from a big box store, you can help out a small business -a friend or family member - and get pure, safe, beneficial products at the same time.

Although I am an advocate for the products because they are the purest, safest and most beneficial products I have come across, the business is one of a kind as well. Unlike many companies, Arbonne is adamant that their consultants are upfront about their intentions with potential clients, even on social media. There is no blind siding with Arbonne! As consultants, we are out to help people find a better option for their everyday products, and grow as a business, not to “get rich quick”. Although the paychecks are a bonus! And the best part, Arbonne doesn’t require its consultants to carry product for direct selling. Everything is done online and shipped directly to the client, so there is no need to use your commission to “restock” on your products. Arbonne also doesn’t make you pay for a website, training, or have a huge sign-up fee like many companies out there. Everything you make you keep!

Ready to give up the stigma, stop pouring money into a big box store, and start helping a small business? Reach out to me today and I will get you hooked up with 20-50% all of the products you use on a daily basis!

Want to look at everything Arbonne has to offer? Check it out here.


Atalie – Purely Balanced Mama